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Mixed Media

Large and small scale drawings rendered in foggy layers of vellum and acrylic resin depict the construction and launch of space rovers. This collection also includes portraits of Martian landscapes, using photographs collected through NASA's Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission for source material.

This body of work grapples with the unique difficulties of caring for someone suffering from serious mental illness. Tying this issue to Mars felt fitting for the subject as it's a place that looks and feels familiar but ultimately is impossibly far away and out of reach. Mars rovers — or the vehicles used to tap into such a space — operate at a delay, passing information to and from a distant place that is foreign to the point of abstraction.

This work is for my dad, who was in outer space a lot of the time.

Sarah Kaizar - MARS SHOW

"Familiar (but)" // Mixed media, 12x12", 2014

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"My teeth are poisoning my body" // Mixed media, 12x12", 2014

Sarah Kaizar - MARS SHOW

Installation pano, 3rd Street Gallery, 2014

Process / Progress


3rd Street Gallery | MARS SHOW
2014 - Solo Exhibition - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Installation at 3rd Street Gallery, 2014

Sarah Kaizar

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